Starting a TaMIA Group

To start your own TaMIA Chapter, fill out the forum admission form.

If you already run an equity and inclusion group in your department and would like to join the discussion forum, please fill out the forum admission form as well. Additionally, if you are just interested in joining the forum discussion, please fill out the forum admission form.


By becoming a TaMIA Chapter, you will receive a free poster of our discussion ground rules and a set of sample meeting outlines to get you started. You are welcome to use the TaMIA name for your group.


You will also have access to the google group to discuss different meeting ideas and strategies. For more information, please see our discussion forum page.

Equity and Inclusion Groups in Astronomy Departments

Promoting an Inclusive Community in Astronomy (PICA) – University of Colorado Boulder

Towards a More Inclusive Astronomy (TaMIA) – Penn State

STEM Diversity Journal Club (Contact Kevin Flaherty at kflaherty[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) – Wesleyan University

University of Wisconsin-Madison Astronomers Promoting Lasting Equity (UW-MAPLE; contact uwmaple[dot]astro[at]gmail[dot]com) – University of Wisconsin-Madison

EDI Committee/Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in European Astronomy – Leiden Observatory 

Public TaMIA Chapters 

Pennsylvania State University

University of Pittsburgh


Montana State University